Monday, May 20, 2013

Who am I?

First and foremost I am a momma.  I’m a momma to Gunner who is 8 and Layken who is 2.5.  They are my world… they are kick ass kiddos and the reason I breathe.  Gunner is all boy, and an all American boy.  He is perfectly content digging in the dirt, riding his bike or being on the baseball field.  Yes, I’m that baseball momma and proud of it.  Layken looks fabulous in a dress and is beautiful, but there is always dirt under her nails.  She is such a little tomboy but has recently discovered baby dolls and the fisher price doll house.  I think there is hope.  But really, I wouldn’t change a thing about them… well other than their temper (I swear they get it from their daddy…)
I’m also a momma to four more… four more gorgeous boxer babies… Bella, Tucker, Bayley & Remmington.  They are our loves, they make our home even more insaine and even more complete.  We’ve never been a single dog family… oh yeah, and we breed too!  We have puppies from Florida up to Connecticut… I think that’s pretty sweet.
And then there is the hottie… yes, my hottie.  I met him right after graduation, eek, yes, as in 12 years ago.  He is our rock.  Really, there is not much that can shake him up.  He has put my needs and G&L’s needs before his own from day one.  He’s just that kind of man.  It’s been an interesting 12 years… lots of love, lots or rocks, lots of up and lots of downs… but that first one, lots of love has gotten us through. 
And now for me:  I started my journey in mid-October of 2012 at 220 pounds.  220 freaking pounds, yes, that was not a typo.  Today I’m just under a 40 pound weight loss and it makes me sick that I didn’t start this journey of writing in October, but nobody wants to take photos and have documentation of ‘the before’… but do it, everyone tells you that you will regret it… I didn’t do it, and I regret it.  Do you know how hard it is finding photos of yourself when you are feeling the worst you have ever felt?  I didn’t have to hide from the camera simply because I was the one always holding the camera.  But I have a few photos that I’ve found… it was deep digging but I did it.  I still have a journey ahead of me and I would love to have you along with me!
Me before my journey Feb. 2012
at least 220 pounds.

And May 2013 at 184 pounds. And feeling much better already!